LED fails to produce UV radiation – the lights fail to produce any radiation, especially UV radiation, which is the disadvantage of energy saving bulb and standard old fluorescent tube or discharge tube.

LED allows countless switching – LED lights allow countless switching on/ off. In the contrary to energy saving bulb and discharge tube, the LED light starts to light immediately, with no lime lag.

LED = long service life – the service life of LED lights is 30 000 – 70 000 hours, which represents 8 – 19 years provided that the lights are switched on 12 hours a day on average.

LED = energy and money savings – the greatest advantage of LED is the energy saving and hence saving of money for electricity. Basically, the LED energy consumption is 50% less in comparison with a standard fluorescent tube and   60-70% less than with discharge lights. Further, LED lights are completely maintenance free; the exchange of light sources which is typical for standard bulbs, energy saving bulbs, fluorescent tubes etc. is not required.

LED is mercury free – LED products fail to contain mercury or any gasses, therefore they do not classify as dangerous waste. They fail to endanger your health or the environment.

LED helps to reduce the CO2 emissions – having smaller power consumption, LED technology contributes to reduction of CO2 produced by power stations, hence energy saving LED technology contributes to better life on our planet.

LED sources provide for regulation of luminous intensity from 0 – 100%.

LED light luminosity is 100% immediately after being switched on – the light effects is immediate! No heating, no long start prior to intensive lighting. Immediate 100% power repeated restart.

LED lights maintain real object colours – white colour temperature of light, which is one of variations of light, the  objects maintain the real colour. The colour of object will not be different and the descriptions of colours will be authentic. Precise descriptions of objects and their colours will contribute to safety on the streets.

Repeated switching on/ off fail to influence the long service life of LED. In comparison with fluorescent tubes, discharge tubes a bulbs whose service life is significantly influences by repeated switching on/off, LED long service life is not reduced. It has been measured that repeating the cycle seven times a day, the service life of the standard light sources is reduced to 50% of the value declared by the producer.