Working on reconstructions, repairs and building of new street lighting, we often come across the problem common to many municipal bodies across the Czech Republic, which are finance sources. Towns and municipalities deal with the same problem as in all public sectors, which is the insufficient money sources.

Filák, s.r.o. provides for the projects the following services:

1) financial leasing
2) loan
3) operative leasing
4) subsidies, grands

ad 1) Financial leasing

Financial leasing means long term object using, when the leasing provider transfers all risks and revenues related to the equipment operation to the leasing recipient. The period of leasing usually corresponds with with the economic life of the financed equipment and the instalments cover the purchase price of the leased equipment.

Financial leasing provides for the permanent purchase of selected property such as:

  • leasing of LED technologies
  • the period of instalment payments: form shortened payment calendars up to 72 months
  • advanced payment form 0%
  • balance value 1000 CZK, VAT not included
  • increase of the balance value and reduction of payments during financing is possible
  • leasing with the duty to purchase and deduction of the whole VAT from the subject of financing immediately at the start of financing

ad 2) Loan

Financing by loan, the property is immediately transferred to the ownership of the client, it is reflected in the property of the company, which provides for the complete VAT deduction from the purchase price at the time of purchase.

This method of financing complies with the conditions proscribed for the subsidy application from the state budget or any European structural fund:

  • period of payment is 6 to 72 months, including insurance
  • first payment equals to VAT
  • loan redemption is possible by an increased instalment at the amount of VAT or utilization of seasonal payment calendar

ad 3) Operative leasing

Operative leasing is a short-term or middle-term using of the object by the recipient of leasing; when the term of contract is shorter than the economic life of the property and the instalment paid by the loan recipient include only a certain part of the purchase price. The risk of balance value is born by the operative leasing provider.

The purpose of the operative leasing is providing property into the company for the required period without the necessity for the client to buy it into the property of the company.

Operative leasing without services:

  • operative leasing with the pre-emptive right
  • full service – operative leasing with services
  • zero first instalment or minimum payment at the start of lease
  • period of lease 6 to 60 months with the consequent possibility to buy the object

ad 4) Subsidy and grant

Subsidy of street lighting is the form of co-financing from funds. The subsidy applicant must observe general procedures and requirement. The applicant must observe the standard provisions and standards.

The technical preparation of the project as well as consequent realization are of great importance.

Subsidy and grant sources:

  • Regional sources
  • State sources
  • European sources


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